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Royal Couple?

Omo omo. My AH-HA couple are nominated for the MBC Drama Awards!! But sadly not as their characters/couple in TK2H, but as their roles in another drama :(
Both are up for the grand daesang award. Squeeeeeh.
I don’t care if they win, I just want to see our royal couple on the red carpet and cute interactions!! LOLS ^^

This episode was daebak!

The King 2 Hearts Episode 15

Royal weddingl Ah-Ha.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 15

Cuteness!!! <3

Rooftop Prince Episode 14

Cream couple <3

Rooftop Prince Episode 13

His face <3

Rooftop Prince Episode 13

"Is it true..that you like me?"

Rooftop Prince Episode 11

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One of my favorite scenes. Absolutely adorbs!! ^^

Rooftop Prince Episode 7

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