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The Vampire Diaries 4.20 The Originals

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TVD 4x20

So wait, was the recent TVD episode all about The Originals or was it a pilot episode of The Originals? Can anyone enlighten me?

And if you have watched it. Was it any good?

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The Vampire Diaries 4.09

Woohoo. I’m back with another review :)

Didn’t care what happened at the lakehouse, was more interested in the other storyline. Psychopath Klaus on a killingspree. Holy wow. The ending scene was so sad and dark. You don’t mess with psychopath Klaus. I think I can easily say goodbye to Klaroline now :( And poor Tyler :(
LOL at Jeremy hulky buff. And I don’t like Bonnie/Jeremy ship. Don’t go there. Not again.
Like I say every week, enough with the triangle loveship. Elena boring as usual.
Caroline needs to stfu. Stefan needs to stfu, but then again I ship them. Please make them happen!!! <3
+ April who?


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The Vampire Diaries 4.07

So I finally watched the latest TVD episode.

I’m not a Delena fan, but I must say that was such a slap in the face. Delena fans finally got what they wanted but it wasn’t “real”. Cause Elena was sired to Damon. LIKE WTF. The writers are trolling. Just give up on this love triangle. Pick a damn side.
I’m always team Stelena, but I’m more team Stefan <3

Klaroline. I wasn’t that big of a fan of this ship. They had amazing chemistry in S03e11, that amazing scene where Klaus was talking to Caroline. But it all went downhill after that. I never felt that spark again. I love Klaus (JoMo <3) though, but his storyline is going nowhere.The same goes with Caroline/Tyler, they lost their spark too.

So it all ends up with Caroline/Stefan, whom I secretly ship since that one scene in S02e02, that bathroom scene. Aaaah Season 2 was perfect! I love their friendship and I totally wouldn’t mind if the writers go somewhere with these two.

So yeah, this was my little review. Any thoughts?

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» drool (see I was too distracted)

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Forgot to wish everybody a happy TVD day!!!

Forgot to wish everybody a happy TVD day!!!

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Holy mother of god indeed LOOOL! *_*

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Klaus and Elijah.

The Vampire Diaries 3.12 The Ties That Bind

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The Vampire Diaries 3.11 Our Town

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-Klaus & Bonnie-

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