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HOTN The Vampire Diaries Screencaps


I hope to get my PC back asap! I need to finish TVD s4 screencaps before the new season start. And I also want to cap that new pretty show called Outlander for Home of The Nutty T___T

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Rebekah <3 Caps up for episode 19 >

The Vampire Diaries 4.18 Pictures Of You

My otp <3

The Vampire Diaries 4.19 Pictures of You

Slowly adding the remaining caps eps of S4. Bonnie.

The Vampire Diaries 4.17 Because The Night

Season 5 screencaps complete. Get the zips at Home Of The Nutty livejournal or just view them in our gallery!! Woohooo :D

The Vampire Diaries - TV Guide Magazine’s 2014 Comic-Con Special Edition
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Just watched TVD season finale. Bonnie. My feeeeeeeeeeeeeels.

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I’ve been so busy the last couple of days. Can’t even finish my SPN and TVD caps. I’m sorry, they will be up soon :)

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