This is amazing! For the lovely lady Winter! CNBLUE’s Lady video!

Yesss! So preciouss
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The Heirs Ep.02


The Heirs Ep.02

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Are you okay? No,  I am not.

The Heirs Ep.03

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Too many cute scenes!!

The Heirs Ep.02

+The Heirs;  +Kdrama;  +Lee Min Ho;  +park shin hye;  +Kim Tan;  +cha eun sang;  +Lee Minho;  +kpop;  +cute;  +love;  +feelings;  

This kdrama <33333

The Heirs Ep.04

+The Heirs;  +Kdrama;  +Lee Minho;  +park shin hye;  +Lee Min Ho;  +Tan;  +Eun Sang;  +love;  +cute;  +Kim Tan;  +cha eun sang;  +kpop;  

Closeups. Work the camera bbs. kekekek.

Exo - Growl

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What is that site called, something with “rice” in its name. It’s like the asian 9gag. I’ve been searching other alternative kpop sites, rather then Allkpop. I’ve found onehallyu, kpopselca and that “rice” site. But I forgot it’s name. Can anyone tell me?

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I Wanna Dance - Eunhyuk & Donghae

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hyuk spat onto hae’s palm but hae didn’t just stand still XD

these dorks! <3

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This noona here 0_0

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