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get to know me meme — [1/5] favorite tv shows: lost

↳ “ You see this little hole? This moth’s just about to emerge. It’s in there right now, struggling. It’s digging it’s way through the thick hide of the cocoon. Now, I could help it - take my knife, gently widen the opening, and the moth would be free - but it would be too weak to survive. Struggle is nature’s way of strengthening it.”

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Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison attend the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Press Line during Comic-Con International 2014

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Misha Collins attends TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites at SDCC 2014
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Nina Dobrev attends The Vampire Diaries Panel at SDCC Comic Con on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California.

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Ed Sheeran - Photograph.

My favorite song of his new album <3

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when you know you typed ur password wrong but you hit enter still hoping it’s correct

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He puts the book between his teeth, but he doesn’t give it the power to make him cry.
Make John Green find the thing.

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#fiftyshadesofgrey #fsog

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OMG, Norman and Melissa sharing (more than) a shisha.

tweet/instagram Angela Kang:


Melissa and Norman

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