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  • me: one does not simply go on tumblr for '5 minutes'.
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The reason why the room was pink was because on black and white film, hues of red become dark shades of black. Pink is the perfect balance to give it that dark creepy grey.


A related fun fact: while old black and white film was under-sensitive to reds, it was correspondingly over-sensitive to greens. Actors whose characters were meant to have unnaturally pale complexions - like Morticia Addams - would often take advantage of this by wearing makeup with a green base tint in order to make their faces “pop”. This is where the modern trope of cartoon vampires having green skin comes from.

These are some fun fucking facts

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literally me.

Whenever I agree to go anywhere.

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Eng soft subs added for episode 16 - Begin again at the end.

Roommate Ep. 16

Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOU!

lol, thank you anon ^^

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Recent studies confirm that reading books and drinking tea doesn’t make you better than anyone else

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Either way he has a woody 

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Tom Mison at the Brave New Warriors Panel (SDCC 2014) [x]

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Slowly adding the remaining caps eps of S4. Bonnie.

The Vampire Diaries 4.17 Because The Night